Preview – The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Piers Taylor, Caroline Quentin - The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

In the final episode of The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin take their search underground, exploring the most extravagant houses that have been built into the landscape rather than on top of it.

It wouldn’t feel right for the series to finish without the pair presenting us with architectural genius like never before, and they do not disappoint.

Their journey begins on the Greek Island, Anti Paris, to visit a nine-bedroom house that is hidden beneath the surrounding land but manages to capture the essence of the landscape with its breathtaking sea views.

Onto higher ground, the pair head to the Swiss Alps where they meet owner and architect of a four-bedroom abode so invisible that the only way to enter is through a tunnel from a traditional barn already on site.

In search of some sun, their next stop takes them to New Zealand’s South Island, where a family home has been built underground to soften the impact of the indigenous landscape as well as being able to withstand possible earthquakes – the construction is so deep into the rock that dynamite was used to excavate 5,000 cubic metres of earth.

Finally, Piers and Caroline use bikes to cycle to their last stop – a house nestled into a nature reserve in the outskirts of Amsterdam. The four-bedroom home has been cleverly designed across four floors allowing natural light to flood into the south facing, open-plan house.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Home, Friday, 9pm – BBC Two