Preview -The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes


Hosts Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin travel to across the world to discover buildings which encompass the pinnacle of modern architectural mastery in the second season of the BBC2 series; The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes.

In the pilot episode of the new series, Caroline and Piers visit two castle-like houses in Portugal; the first being “Wall House” in the Portuguese Riviera – a home given its name because of its opening walls made entirely of glass. The house is furnished in luxury, adorned with not one pool but two, with its aerial pool dominating the glass ceiling above the courtyard – a feature which allows for a rather surreal view of the swimmers above.

Moving forward, the pair visit Casa Na Gateira in Penela in the Coimbra District of Portugal – a house which boasts a masterful blend of its rustic exterior, in keeping with its surroundings, and a decadent contemporary interior.


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – Wednesday 8:00pm on BBC2