Preview – The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes


Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin return to the nation’s television screens this week, hosting the second installment of the new series of The World’s Most Amazing Show – a programme which explores the properties and homes at the pinnacle of architectural mastery. This week we visit Switzerland, home to mountain ranges which encapsulate the sublime and bustling metropolises populated by millions.

Caroline and Piers visit 3 proprties this episode, starting off 1,300 feet up in the shadow of Mont Blanc – the tallest standing mountain in the alps. Here they visit Maison aux Jeurs – a swiss chalet with a modern twist in its design. The pair move swiftly onto the next property on the list where they meet Reto Rietmann, the owner of the house, which stands above the western shore of Lake Maggiore – a region renowned for its italian climates and sun soaked landscapes.

The final two houses are in Zurich – one of europe’s leading global cities – and on the coast of Lake Lucerne respectively. As the two hosts journey through Switzerland, they are not only blown away by the palace-like magnificence of the structures but more so for the feats of engineering and architecture that went into make the extraordinary a reality.


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – Wednesday 8:00pm on BBC2