Preview: The Year of the Rabbit

Matt Berry - Year of the Rabbit

The final episode of the enjoyable Ripper Street-style romp (but with laughs) around the seedy underbelly of Victorian East End London with Matt Berry as the titular Rabbit – detective inspector, no less.

That’s no longer strictly true though, because Rabbit got fired from the force and framed for the murder of upper class wrong-un Larkham (Alistair Petrie) last week – so it’s either gaol time or redemptive story arch time.

Let’s go with the latter. So Rabbit’s on the run and his former mentor Wisbech (Alun Armstrong) declares him the most wanted man in London.

Strauss (Freddie Fox) and Mabel (Susan Wokoma) refuse to believe the worst of their friend and vow to help him clear his name – but they’ll have to find him first. 

Year of the Rabbit – Monday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.