Preview: This England

This England - Andrew Buchan as Matt Hancock

Episode 5 of 6

Relive all the glory days of the Covid lockdown. While most of us were locked away from our families and isolated from society, loveable No10 strategy boffin Dominic Cummings is spotted with his family on a jolly in Durham – some 200 miles up the M1 from where he should be by law.

More and more people fall ill with the virus and even Boris, the shining knight of ‘getting Brexit done’, is taken to St Thomas’ hospital as his Covid symptoms persist.

Care homes and hospitals struggle to cope with the number of Covid cases and deaths as a lack of facilities, equipment and adequate contingency planning after a decade of austerity cuts come home to roost. The Government embarks on a massive spending spree with friends and business associates of ministers given first dibs on contracts. Boris’ health improves and he is released from hospital and goes to Chequers with Carrie to rest and recover while the rest of the nation is encouraged to clap the virus into submission.

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