Preview: This is Our Family

This is our Family - The Hoyles

Ten-year-old Lily knows how Mum Mary-Jane and Dad David got together. It was love at first sight.

David was the singer in a band and Mary-Jane a face in the crowd. They fell in love and promised each other they’d never be ordinary. Eldest daughter Annie May was born in 2004 but gradually they realized she wasn’t ‘normal’. In fact, she has an undiagnosed neurological condition and complex epilepsy. Now every day is spent on the edge of an emergency. Theirs is a daily struggle to keep Annie-May alive, helped by the normality of raising younger sister Lily.

Filmed over three years, the film follows the Hoyles as they make difficult medical decisions for Annie-May and charts Lily’s journey from the calm of primary school to the threshold of teen life.

This is Our Family – Tuesday at 10.10pm on Sky Atlantic.