Preview – This Time with Alan Partridge

This Time with Alan Partridge 2
Picture Shows: Alan Partridge (STEVE COOGAN), Jennie (SUSANNAH FIELDING). Image Credit: BBC/Baby Cow/Colin Hutton.

Norfolk’s finest is still trying his “best” in his new job. No sign he is going to Ireland to work on a farm with his Irish lookalike he met last week anyway.

In tonight’s edition of This Time Alan is tackling his most serious issue yet: the #MeToo movement, or as he puts it, “Tash-hag me too”. You can expect Partridge to make more of his infamous gaffs as he tries to handle this delicate issue, especially when he introduces his own mixed vocal harmony group, The Quavers, to the programme.

This Time with Alan Partridge is on BBC One at 21.30.