Preview – This World, Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

This World, Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

It isn’t unusual to see a young boy dressed in his sister’s clothes noticing that the dress is different from his usual attire, but for some young children it is much more than just dressing up.

With a nationwide increase in the number of young children being referred to gender clinics having announced they feel uncomfortable with their gender, BBC Two’s fascinating documentary, Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? – part of the series, This World, questions the approach by many parents, of letting their child decide their own identity. 

Dr Kenneth Zucker, a leading expert in childhood gender dysphoria disagrees with the ‘gender affirmative’ approach to parenting in which parents are encouraged to let their child decide who they should be, and as a result, lost his job after linking gender dysphoria with mental health issues.

The documentary follows Zucker’s story alongside cases of children that have overcome their dysphoria without transitioning.

This World, Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?, Thursday 12, 9pm – BBC Two