Preview – Three Girls

Ruby (Liv Hill), Holly (Molly Windsor), Amber (Ria Zmirowicz)

Telling the stories of three of the victims of the Rochdale sex traffickingl, Three Girls follows the 2012 grooming scandal, highlighting the frightening world of sexual exploitation children found themselves in.

Holly (Molly Windsor) is new in town and is desperate find her feet and make some new friends. However, the world she is drawn towards is one of abuse and drugs.

With little cooperation from the Manchester police, the responsibility falls upon sexual health worker Sara (Maxine Peake), who has been recording and reporting cases of child abuse for years in an attempt to encourage authorities to take these girls seriously.

Years later and many of the girls are now in their 20s; because of a lack of prosecution many of the men behind the horrific acts are still at large. The BBC series aims to highlight the impact the grooming has had on the victims with the girls and their families offering full cooperation in the making of the docudrama.

Three Girls, Tuesday, 9pm – BBC One

Image: BBC