Preview – Three Wives, One Husband

Three Wives, One Husband

There is something peculiarly British about our collective need to prod and poke at alternative lifestyles.

This Channel 4 documentary series, made for all the right reasons, of course, finds 14 fundamentalist Mormon families in Utah, who have made a safe haven where they are free to practise a way of life that’s met with both fascination and suspicion. With unprecedented access to this normally closed community, this series offers an intimate and revealing insight into the everyday lives of modern polygamous families.

It is, though, prime fodder for Gogglebox derision – as it will be up and down the land as we judge and belittle from the safety of our own couches. There’s nothing like being on the outside looking in, especially when the people that you’re watching can’t hear what you’re saying about them.

Three Wives, One Husband – Thursday 9.00pm Channel 4