Preview – Toffs, Queers and Traitors

Guy Burgess
Picture Shows: Guy Burgess in Cambridge in 1935. **This image may not be used without visibly crediting © Ramsey & Muspratt** Low res only available. Image Credit: © Ramsey & Musprat.

This Storyville documentary looks at the life of one of the most infamous people to spy on Britain, Guy Burgess.

It examines the civil servant’s part in the Cambridge Five spies who worked for the Soviet Union, and how Burgess was the most flamboyant of the group’s members. He was able to use Britain’s class system and his then illegal homosexuality to his advantage, not to mention exploit some of the incompetence of the people running the country at the time.

There are plenty of interviews in this programme, including archive footage of Guy Burgess himself.

Toffs, Queers and Traitors is on BBC Four at 21.00.