Preview – Tortured by Mum and Dad: The Turpin 13

Turpin 13

In one of the most shocking stories to emerge in world news in 2018, American media outlets broke the news that 13 children had been held captive, tortured and abused by their parents, David and Louise Turpin. Now free of their parents-turned-captors, the “Turpin 13” tell their story as Channel 5 delves into the murky depths of the case.

Channel 5’s latest documentary investigates the shocking story of David and Louise Turpin, who kept their 13 children chained up in their own home until they were found in January 2018 when one of the siblings escaped and called the police. This programme shines a light on the mystery of how an unassuming suburban family in California managed to hide their dark and sinister secret for so long.


Tortured by Mum and Dad: The Turpin 13 – Wednesday 10:00pm on Channel 5.