Preview – Tracey Breaks the News

Tracey Breaks the News
Picture Shows: Michael Gove (TRACEY ULLMAN). Image Credit: BBC/Pete Dadds.

Tracey Ullman’s satirical comedy itself became news a little while ago – for very odd and disturbing reasons.

The first episode in the series featured a sketch about Jeremy Corbyn which resulted in a backlash from some areas – including a fair amount of anti-Semitic attacks, including some people claiming that Ullman was Jewish (she isn’t, she’s Catholic-Polish), and that the sketch was written by David Baddiel (it wasn’t, as he doesn’t work on the show, and he’s an atheist anyway).

Also, there were other sketches about Theresa May, Michael Gove (pictured) and Jacob Rees-Mogg, but people still claimed the BBC was biased against Corbyn. Utterly bizarre.

Tracey Breaks the news is on BBC One at 21.40.