Preview – Travel Man: 48 Hours in St Petersburg

Travel Man featuring Richard Ayoade and Rob Beckett

Richard Ayoade invites fellow comedian Rob Beckett for a two-day sojourn around Russia’s culture capital, St Petersburg. While not the ideal pair to talk us through the architectural beauty of the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral, they do manage a fast and funny, post-Soviet itinerary, that includes an armoured tank, fish eggs (ok, caviar), vodka, ice, culture, more ice, and a herring in a fur coat.

St Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city and straddles the river Neva delta. It is home to a world-renowned collection of Hermitage period artworks, but enticing Ayoade and Beckett to take it in could be a bit of a challenge.

They do, though, immerse themselves in retro culture with a visit to a communist-era apartment popular with the hipster crowd.

Travel Man: 48 Hours in St Petersburg – Monday 8.30pm Channel4.