Preview – Travel Man: 48 Hours in Valencia

Richard Ayoade and Sara Pascoe

This week the travel man is joined by comedian Sara Pascoe for an action packed 2-night stopover in Valencia.

There is no slowing Richard Ayoade, after checking in at Hotel Caro, the pair head to the Turia river and explore the scenery on four-wheeled bikes before Richard enrols them into paella school where they are tasked with more than cooking. Their night ends on a high with a local delicacy, a drink made of cava, gin, vodka, fresh orange juice and sugar.

Day two sees the comic duo try their hand at zorbing before they pay a visit to the cathedral in search of the Holy Grail. Their trip ends with another round of Agua de Valencia.

Travel Man: 48 Hours in Valencia, Friday, 8.30 pm – Channel 4

Image: Channel 4