Preview – Tricks of the Restaurant Trade

Kate Quilton

Tricks of the Restaurant Trade looks at the coffee shop phenomenon and how we transformed ourselves into a nation of tea drinkers into caffeine-fueled tyros who guzzle 70 million cups per day!

But cast you mind back 15 – 20 years and every third shop on the high street was not a Costa/Starbucks/Cafe Nero/Coffee Republic. Yes, folks, Britain has been invaded by mega-chains offering a dizzying array of variations on a theme from mochaccinos to cappuccinos, and doppos to flat whites and skinny lattes. They all taste the same – and as we find out tonight, that’s the way the mega chains want it.

That simple cup of coffee you pick up on your way to the station in the morning has been processed to the nth degree to ensure no matter where you buy it, it will always taste exactly the same.
Also tonight, Adam Pearson challenges fans of big brand names to a blind taste test – can they really tell the difference?

Tricks of the Restaurant Trade starts tonight at 8.30pm on C4