Preview – Tried and Tasted: the Ultimate Shopping List

Tried and Tasted
Michel Roux, Fred Sirieix and Jay Rayner. Picture Publicist: Charlie Fearn. Photographer: Glen Dearing.

This new Channel 4 show sees some of Britain’s most famous foodies trying to taste the difference between four seemingly identical dishes.

Hosted by Michel Roux Jr., the show sees Jay Rayner, Lucy Alexander, Fred Sirieix, Stacie Stewart and other food specialists being given meals on a sushi-style conveyor belt. The diners are blind tasting the four dishes on offer. One is a supermarket own brand, one is a frozen meal, one is a top-selling meal, and the last is an artisan-produced meal.

Dishes range from lamb shanks to sausages, prawn cocktails to whisky. Can they really tell which is which?

Tired and Tasted: the Ultimate Shopping List is on Channel 4 at 20.00.