Preview – True Horror

True Horror

Ever wonder what’s worse than a late-night horror movie? Being stuck inside one. That’s exactly (so they say) the case in Channel 4’s new chilling documentary series as cameras follow the lives of those who have real life horror stories to tell; from possessions to poltergeists, break ins to figures at the edge of your bed, this programme covers it all.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that the stories being told in this programme are dramatised for viewing purposes and so should generally be taken with a pinch of salt – although the executives and producers of the show maintain the stories are as authentic and genuine as horror stories come. In this debut episode, we explore the tale of “Hellfire Farm” – ominously named to point where it wouldn’t feel amiss in a Scooby-doo mystery – in rural Wales, where we see a young family tormented by a haunting which reaches climax as thrilling as it is inexplicable.

True Horror – Thursday 10:00pm on Channel 4.