Preview – Trump vs Clinton Live

Trump vs Clinton live debate

It has been an excoriating couple of weeks for Donald Trump and unless there is a negative revelation of biblical proportions made against Hillary Clinton in this debate, the Trump bandwagon, should by rights, pull onto the hard shoulder and turn off the engine.

There is no denying the effectiveness of some of Trump’s rhetoric, he identified early, like a good entrepreneur, the opportunity that traditional Republican and Democrat politicians had ignored. And, boy, has he milked it!

His has been a campaign full of negativity and the belittling of opponents and people who don’t share his view, and it is troubling that for the balance of the past two years his inflammatory speeches and non-deliverable promises have won him the Republican party nomination and put him within 2 weeks of securing the White House.

It is fitting that he appears to be coming unstuck as a result of his own ego, impolitic behaviour and a disastrous decision to try to physically intimidate Clinton in the second debate. However, you can never say never where Trump is concerned, his diatribe against the establishment and the biased media has convinced four in ten Americans to believe that the election is fixed anyway(Politico/Morning Consult).

Tune into this engrossing soap and just hope that it doesn’t go off script.
Trump vs Clinton Live will be shown on C4, BBC News24 and Sky News at 1.30am