Preview – Trust Me I’m A Vet

Steve Leonard

For the last episode in the series, the team head to Bristol University’s Langford Vet Hospital.

Alice Rhodes discovers that it isn’t just humans that suffer with anxiety, one in five cats in the UK is living with long-term anxiety. Alice runs a series of tests in the hope of relieving our feline friends of their anxious ways.

Judy Puddifoot reveals the signs and signals dogs give off before they become aggressive, highlighting a particular behavioural pattern to look out for and Steve Leonard looks into the latest research, that suggests feeding your cat only fish-based pet foods over the long term could lead to health problems.

Also tonight Vim Kumaratunga finds out how best to look after the highly intelligent African Grey Parrot. They’re often kept in small cages on their own, but in the wild, they live in huge flocks. Vim meets a parrot therapist who has a unique way of keeping her African Greys healthy and happy.

Trust Me I’m A Vet, Wednesday, 8pm – BBC Two

Image: BBC