Preview – Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk in Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a gloriously stupid horror comedy about two dim rednecks (Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine) whose cabin in the woods-style vacation takes a turn for the worst when they try to rescue a drowning girl and are mistaken for murderous hillbillies by a bunch of preppy students.

Eli Craig does a great job of turning a simple misunderstanding into a hilarious bloodbath of grisly slapstick deaths. There is an element of teen gross-out film about Tucker and Dale, but it a far more considered production than that and provides some truly funny sequences with plenty of nods to classic horror movie devices and scenes.

The Horror Channel may ordinarily be off your radar as you scroll through the EPG looking for something decent to watch, tonight, however, do yourself a favour and enjoy this expert horror parody.

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Tucker and Dale vs Evil Friday 9.00pm on Horror Channel.


Images: Dan Power