Preview – Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks - Agent Cooper

Fear not that you have missed the first two episodes – you can catch them on SkyGo anytime – you’ve missed no real story because within David Lynch’s mind-melting, creepy, supernatural killer thriller there is the same multi-layered soap of plots that hooked audiences two decades ago when prom queen Laura Palmer turned up in an expired state wrapped in polythene and dumped.

The Return is no different with an equally surreal opening and scene setter that will WTF newcomers and baffle some of the old heads too.

If Sunday nights are for resting the grey matter and relaxing ahead of a return to work – then maybe skip Twin Peaks. on the other hand, if you want to be sitting int the same chair wondering what the hell just happened during that two hours, this is the show for you. Enjoy.

Twin Peaks: The Return – Sunday 10.00pm on Sky Atlantic.