Preview: Two Doors Down Christmas Special

Two Doors Down Christmas Special

Michelle and Alan are back on home turf in Latimer Crescent, having been in the Highlands last Christmas. It’s all merry and bright as they welcome the neighbours for a wee pre-Christmas get together… but the festive atmosphere soon turns a little fraught.

As Beth and Eric sit themselves down, they’re given an on-the-spot invitation to spend Christmas with Gordon’s parents in Yorkshire, which in turn causes Christine to feel vulnerable.

Gordon irritates Ian with all his fussing, and Cathy – as ever – is desperate to find the ‘real’ party, with poor Michelle then in turn struggling to keep the evening on track.

There are brief glimmers of harmony when the neighbours play a silly kazoo game and decide to do something special for Christine – but Alan’s attempt to de-stress Ian backfires when Gordon goes and ruins things for everyone.

Two Doors Down Christmas Special – Monday 20 December at 9.30pm on BBC Two.