Preview – UK’s Best Places to Live

Scotland - UK's Best Places to Live

With ever rising house prices it is becoming near impossible for individuals in their twenties to get on the property ladder, yet each year close to a million people, under the age of 30, move around the UK.

Using statistical analysis of key factors, Sarah Beeny travels around the UK looking for good affordable housing, best job prospects, reasonable child care, quality of family life and of social life, and at the end of the show she reveals which location scores best.

Sarah aims is to help this age group think differently about where they could live. Which city, town or village could be right for those who struggle to get on the property ladder or to find a new job? Visiting locations including Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Cumbria, Manchester and Sheffield, the show travels across the country following the stories of three people looking for a better quality of life.

UK’s Best Places to Live, Tuesday, 8pm – Channel 4