Preview: Unapologetic


Yinka Bokinni and Zeze Millz host the talk show that explores the topics many are scared to discuss publicly for fear of being ‘cancelled’.

They are joined by panellists who are driving these discussions in the social media space, and guests with real-life experience of the issues under debate. This time, our leading ladies discuss age gaps in relationships, asking, why are ‘sugar daddies’ seen as more acceptable than ‘cougars’?

Plus, musician and entrepreneur Krept joins them to explore whether young people can follow his route from rap to riches. And with footballer Troy Deeney joining calls for Black history to be taught in all Britain’s schools, they ask if the state can actually deliver or should Black parents take responsibility?

Unapologetic – Wednesday at 11.05pm on Channel 4.

Image: © Channel 4/Ernest Simons