Preview: Unapologetic

Zeze Millz and Yinka Bokinni engage in a deep and diverse set of topics. Photo: Channel 4

Yinka Bokinni and Zeze Millz are back for this cheeky and topical late night chat show. Unapologetically open with its subject matter and style, these hosts are changing the chat show game. We dive straight into a minefield of sex and relationship talk in the first part.

They ask the question: is monogamy good for you? Should we in Britain look more closely (and with less judgement) at open relationships? Do dating apps give us exactly what we’re after, or more than we need?

There is a debate raging around consent and the meaning of people’s sexual boundaries; and another discussion of sexually explicit content and lyrics in female rap. Intelligent and lively talking follows, with a panel including social commentators, influencers, and well-known personalities.

Our hosts and guests form a panel for some hard talks, not to answer the questions for good, but learn what it means to ask them.

Unapologetic – Thursday at 11.05pm on Channel 4