Preview – Unforgotten

Unforgotten with Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar

Devotees of this thoughtful crime drama will lament that this is the final episode in the current run. That said, there are plenty of loose ends to pull together if DCI Stuart (Nicola Walker) and her sidekick, Sunni (Sanjeev Bhaskar), are going to get a result for their weeks of toil seeking out David Walker’s killer/killers.

Stuart (Nicola Stuart) is increasingly unconvinced by teacher Sara Mahmoud’s “I was in Italy when he got murdered” alibi. It just doesn’t stack up for Stuart who thinks is it too calculated, perhaps even as fabricated as something put together by someone who knew that one day they’d need a get out of jail free card.

However, the team know that Sara and David were in contact when she was a prostitute and suspecting that she was abused by him as a child, the team wonder whether the case is part of a wider revenge plan.

Cold Case just doesn’t have the same hook as its UK-based cousin.

Unforgotten Thursday 9.00pm ITV