Preview – University Challenge: 2017 Grand Final

University Challenge 2017 Final
(C) ITV Studios. (C) BBC.

The final of possibly the hardest quiz on TV concludes tonight, although it is a final I do find slightly objectionable.

While University Challenge is always fun to watch, mainly because you feel a sense of delight in knowing the answers to just one of the questions because they are so difficult, I have always disliked the fact that Oxford and Cambridge get an unfair advantage in that they are allowed to have five colleges in each series, leaving other smaller universities out of the competition altogether. My old university, Teesside, has never been on the show, and it would be nice to at least be given a chance.

But instead the final, as ever presided by Jeremy Paxman, is between Oxford and Cambridge again, with Balliol College captained by London’s Joey Goldman, taking on Wolfson College led by Eric Monkman from Oakville, Canada – who has been the subject of many a meme since he has been on air.

University Challenge is on BBC Two at 20.00.