Preview – Unreported World: Dying to Come to Britain

Unreported World

Unreported World travels to Lebanon where an estimated 1.5 million refugees have fled the civil war in Syria.

Since the outbreak of hostilities in 2011 more than 11 million people have fled their homes with 4.8 million seeking safety in neighbouring coutnries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Reporter Shaunagh Connaire and director Andrew Carter reveal that, despite offers of assistance from the international community, some of those most in need – refugee children with serious medical conditions – are suffering and dying while they wait for help.

Political bickering over the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons has dominated this week’s news headlines, but as this documentary shows – there is a limit to the good intentions of the international community and families with sick children are left in limbo with inadequate medical care.

Unreported World: Dying to Come to Britain – Friday 7.30pm on Channel 4.