Preview – Unreported World: North Korea’s Reality TV Stars

Seyi Rhodes - Unreported World: North Korea's Reality TV Stars

Unlike the reality stars we are familiar with in this country – think the Kardashians and the cast of Made in Chelsea – South Korea’s show biz has made TV stars from North Korean defectors.

For the hit South Korean TV show, Now on My Way to Meet You, more than 400 defectors who left North Korea have been interviewed on the show to share their entertaining and often shocking stories of what life was like under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un.

Reporter Seyi Rhodes heads to South Korea to meet some of the shows favourite stars, including Eunhee Park and Suuyeoung Lee. Their stories help lift the lid on what life’s currently like in North Korea.

North Korea’s Reality TV Stars, Friday, 7.30pm – Channel 4