Preview – Unreported World: Peru’s Monkey Business

Ade Adepitan - Unreported World

With animal trafficking cases have risen in recent years, the damage this is causing to already endangered species is frightening.

Channel 4’s award winning documentary series, Unreported World, is back for its 33rd series with shocking footage exposing the illegal and brutal animal trade business in the Amazon jungle.

To bring us the harsh truth behind illegal trafficking, reporter Ade Adepitan and director Will West travel to the remote city of Iquitos, in Peru, where they use undercover filming to reveal the shocking scale and the strange nature of backstreet dealers. The pair also visit market traders selling protected wildlife for bush meat and international trade including an unusual milkshake bar that is blending much more than fruit into their drinks.

Unreported World, Friday, 7.30pm – Channel 4

Image: Channel 4