Preview – Unreported World: The World’s Dirtiest Air

The World's Dirtest Air
Marcel Theroux walking through the smog. Picture Publicist: Nathalie Mohoboob.

Channel 4’s documentary series sees Marcel Theroux travel to Mongolia, the city with the most polluted atmosphere in the world.

In Ulaanbaatar (formerly written as Ulan Bator), the pollution is caused by a mixture of poor quality raw coal that is being used to heat people’s homes, and “dzud”, a harsh period of freezing weather caused by climate change that is so bad in the countryside that people are now moving into the city to escape it. The smog is 100 times past the accepted limit, and the biggest killer of children under five in Ulaanbaatar is respiratory illnesses.

Unreported World is on Channel 4 at 19.30.