Preview: Unreported World: Vanished: America’s Missing Women

Unreported World: Vanished: America's Missing Women
Ayshah Tull follows the trail of missing Indigenous women in the United States, where violence against them is frequent. Photo: Channel 4

In this Unreported World, a private investigator attempts to track down Indigenous women going missing in the wilderness of the United States. Research indicates Indigenous American women are murdered at a rate ten times higher than the national average, and families and loved ones are left without answers.

Reporter Ayshah Tull is on the trail of someone who recently vanished between Rapid City and Pine Ridge Reservation. It is a journey through poverty, cultural segregation and historic neglect that has lead to drug addiction, homelessness and frequent domestic violence.

Confusions over federal, state, and tribal jurisdictions – as well as institutional racism – can mean that police investigations often become cold cases. Now Indigenous women are organising to demand the cases be treated effectively.

Vanished: America’s Missing Women – Friday at 7.30pm on Channel 4