Preview: Upright


Series 2, episode 1 & 2

Comedian and musician Tim Minchin reunites with House of the Dragon’s Milly Alcock for the second series of the critically acclaimed odd-couple comedy Upright.

In the years since Lucky and Meg had their grand adventure, Lucky has returned to Sydney. Now a successful musician, his world should be starting to come together. But he’s an emotional mess and a problem drinker, and his erratic behaviour is making his TV star girlfriend’s life much more complicated. Just as things couldn’t get any more chaotic, there’s a knock at the door; it’s Meg. And she needs Lucky’s help.

Despite his relationship back in Sydney being on the rocks, Lucky accompanies Meg to Queensland to find her mum. Meg has assured him he’ll be back in time for his niece Billie who is coming to stay. But just as Meg is gaining ground on Linda, she’s stopped in her tracks; her ex-boyfriend has followed her all the way from Karingunna. He’s worried about her… there’s something she hasn’t told Lucky.


Tuesday at 9.00pm on Sky Comedy and Now.

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Image: © Lingo Pictures/ Sky Studios.