Preview: Upstart Crow

Upstart Crow

More Elizabethan mirth-making from the pen/quill of Ben Elton. The day of Will’s son Hamnet’s (Joe Willis) confirmation is approaching and Anne (Liza Tarbuck) has made sure it’s been in Will’s diary for months. The only problem is this also turns out to be the night of the first ever London Theatre Awards, and, what with Will being the greatest writer of all time, and what with all the other theatre companies in London being closed all year because of the plague, Will reckons he may be in with a chance of a prize.

And there’s another dilemma: if Will does go the London Theatre Awards, who is going to be his plus one? He’s heard that his favourite dark lady, Emilia Laier, may be free that evening…

But as Will wrestles with the temptation of the London theatre there is a far bigger threat to his family’s happiness lurking in the wings.

Upstart Crow – Tuesday 8.30pm on BBC2.