Preview – Urban Myths: Hitler the Artist

Urban Myths: Hitler the Artist

Another in the Urban Myths historical comedy thread is a tale of hope, optimism and shattered dreams. A new century dawns and a young man named Adolf Hitler (Iwan Rheon) arrives in Vienna eager to free his creative side as an artist and win a place at the prestigious Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (that’s the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna if you’re not fluent in Austrian).

It is the dawn of a new age and while his friend August Kubizek (Rupert Grint) finds immediate success, young Adolf does not. Post-impressionism is old hat, art nouveau is dead and with the rise of the Fauves and expressionists, his underwhelming efforts with the paintbrush leave his dreams of living the Bohemian lifestyle hanging in the balance.

Adolf doesn’t have a great record of dealing with rejection and failure, so there’s a fair chance there’ll be far-reaching consequences if he Academie dreams are dashed.
Urban Myths: Hitler the Artist – Tuesday, 9.00pm, Sky Arts HD