Preview – Versailles


The nobles’ debaucheries are banned when Queen Marie-Thérèse (Elisa Lasowski, pictured) takes charge while Louis XIV (George Blagden) is away at war.

Both face cunning challengers: William of Orange (George Webster) tempts the King, against advice, to take the field against his Dutch army; Madame de Montespan (Anna Brewster) seeks to lead innocent potential rival Isabelle (Phareelle Onoyan) astray, with sinister intent.

At Versailles, visiting Sultan of Bijapur (Ace Bhatti) will not let a vital treaty signing sully the hands of the Queen. Can Philippe (Alexander Vlahos) be persuaded to step into his brother’s shoes and pose as the monarch for the occasion, without power going to his head?

The success of Claudine (Lizzie Brocheré) in detecting the source of the mystery toxin that plagued the palace makes her a target

Versailles – Friday 9.00pm on BBC2.