Preview – W1A

Picture Shows: Ian Fletcher (HUGH BONNEVILLE), Siobhan Sharpe (JESSICA HYNES) L-R. Image Credit: BBC/Jack Barnes.

Reports claim that the new series of W1A may be the last one, so this might be the last time we get to enjoy Hugh Bonneville as Ian Fletcher.

The Head of Values at the BBC is currently facing plenty of challenges because of charter renewal. Among Fletcher’s problems are a crossdressing footballer who claims the BBC is guilty of discrimination, so they plan to make him a pundit on Match of the Day alongside Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer (guest starring as themselves).

Meanwhile, the BBC’s Brand Consultant Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes) has her own plans for the future of the BBC, which sound an awfully lot like YouTube.

W1A is on BBC Two at 22.00.