Preview – Walliams and Friend

Harry Enfield and David Walliams in Walliams and Friend

The David Walliams comedy vehicle continues apace this week dragging Harry Enfield along for the ride. It’s been a while since Enfield’s 80s/90s heyday when he made Smashy and Nicey, Tim Nice but Dim, Stavros and Loadsamoney household names, but together with Walliams, he shows he still as sharp as ever and delivers a masterclass in comedy.

Kicking off tonight’s hilariously cruel sketches and parodies Enfield dons his finest fuschia pink dress as the Queen in a skit the Beebs genealogy series Who Does One Think One Is?

Other targets include Masterchef duo John Torode and a rather fussy Gregg Wallace, portray a hilarious pair of ageing lotharios and take a look back at some of Harry’s comedy characters that never saw the light of day, until a certain David Walliams got his hands on them.

Walliams & Friend on Friday at 9.30pm, BBC One