Preview – West Side Story

West Side Story

Two worlds collide in this 60s musical which sees Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, meet New York’s street gangs. The film stars Natalie Wood and Richard Breymer as Maria and Tony respectively while Rita Moreno, George Chakiris and Russ Tamblyn all hold major roles as well.

The musical tells the tale of two rival gangs – the white-American “Jets” and the Puerto-Rican “Sharks” – who are engaged in a long running feud with each other. Tony, the ex-founder of the Jets has given up his life in the gang to pursue a job in a doctor’s practice but is co-erced into gate crashing the Sharks’ dance by his best-friend, Riff. The Sharks’ leader, Bernardo has a sister who is also attending the dance and she and Tony quickly fall head-over-heels for each other as per the classic Romeo and Juliet story. However when Bernardo and his gang mates find out about the love-affair between Maria and Tony the gang war escalates. Will the two star-crossed lovers be able to shield one another from their own respective gangs or will their story end in tragedy?

West Side Story – Friday 6:20pm on Sky Cinema (Drama).