Preview – Westworld

Anthony Hopkins as Ford in Westworld

Westworld has been a slow burn; it has smouldered away for the past 10 weeks and has provided much for its fanbase to chew over on social media. The series has been a feast for conspiracy theorists, and a must-watch for teenage boys drawn to its liberal use of naked women as a means of punctuating dull scenes. It’s funny they haven’t used male cast members in the same way, I can’t imagine why!

Anyway, with everything from Ford’s motives, the identity of Arnold, the true identity of the Man in Black, multiple timelines operating within the series and whether the ‘awakening of the hosts’ is consciousness or programming dominating bulletin boards and the conversations of fans. The time has finally come for some answers!

In the season finale, The Bicameral Mind, you can be assured there will be some genuine jaw-droppers. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the park’s creator unveils his bold new storyline to a black tie audience of corporates. Having persuaded his savant-like synthetic and lead tech Bernard (I’m human. Oh whoops, no I’m not!) to put a hole in his own head last week, the arch manipulator puts a gun in the hands of another host confident in the knowledge that she will kill.

Stories must coalesce tonight, mustn’t they? It would be a terrible tease if the season broke off without clearing some of the junk its leads have created in our minds. Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) are conscious – though, conscious apparently without empathy. The hapless bullet-and-arrow magnet, Teddy (James Marsden), too, has experienced an awakening, of sorts. Though both he and we, really do not understand what he’s woken up to. But that is one of the enduring beauties of Westworld’s long-form storytelling, it  keeps you guessing and guessing and looking in all the wrong places. At 9pm tonight (Tuesday 6 December), though, we can start to close off some of the mysteries and put an end to the guesswork.

Westworld is on Tuesday 9pm Sky Atlantic.