Preview – Westworld (S02. Ep02)

Reunions WW

The hit US sci-fi show revolving around a wild-west-themed park – that is home to hordes of life-like and increasingly self-aware android known as hosts – returns this week with its second episode of season 2; Reunion. After the events of season 1 – for those who don’t know – the park is in the clutches of the hosts, with its creator lying dead amongst a number of top ranking park executives. The show, starring Evan Rachel Woods, Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright amongst a host – no pun intended – of others, takes us into an entirely new timeframe this week. Yes, that’s a brand new fourth stream of events you need to keep up to date with now. Oh, Brother.

In the latest episode, titled “reunions”, a lot of the focus shifts towards a pre-Westworld Logan – the unpleasantly arrogant, anti-host brother in law of William (who himself goes on to become the elusive Man in Black) who is both likeable and infuriating in equal measures. In the new timeframe we go back further than ever before with the creation and origins of the park on the agenda. In the dimly lit bars of the outside world, Logan makes first contact with representatives of an enigmatic corporation who first introduce him to the hosts. Elsewhere Dolores continues her robotic revolution while Maeve looks for other ways out.


Westworld (S02. Ep02) – Monday 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic.