Preview – Westworld: The Story So Far


The puppet show is over. The park is closed. Westworld’s absence from TV screens across the world – while duly noted and keenly felt by many a fan – is almost at an end with less than a week to wait before our western-styled androids return for our viewing pleasure. After such a successful debut season, expect Westworld to reach new heights and delves deeper into darkness than ever before with a brand new series filled to the brim with shocks, thrills and plenty of excitement.

With that in mind, Sky One are running a special re-cap programme in preparation for the new series’ launch with never before seen commentary from the writers, directors and cast members as well as a comprehensive coverage of the main plot points. In case that hadn’t made it abundantly clear, this will be filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t caught up by now, be warned.


Westworld: The Story So Far – Wednesday 10:00pm on Sky One.