Preview – Westworld

Anthony Hopkins as Ford, Westworld

Westworld came to life last week, adding substance to the flesh on the synth ‘hosts’ bones and filling in some of the blanks left by the two-episode preamble and scene-setting. Anthony Hopkins was in scene-stealing form as Ford, the ageing, apparently, semi-retired creator of Westworld, alluding with beautifully nuanced menace to his work and the failings of his deceased, disgraced partner, Arnold.

Nothing so far in this series has been done without reason and seemingly throwaway lines are sure to make sense further down the line when other hosts, like Dolores, discover consciousness.

Tonight, on the frontier-based sci-fi fantasy, Ed Harris, the man in black, carries on his quest to uncover the entrance to ‘the maze’, with Lawrence (Clinton Collins Jr) in tow, dropping in a few candies to suggest he might not be the baddie we expect him to be?

Increasingly self-aware madam, Maeve (Thandie Newton), is troubled by her flashbacks and recollections of a suited man and begins to question what her visions mean.
Westworld 9pm Tuesday on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.