Preview: When Bridges Collapse

Ponte Morandi

One year ago this August, tragedy struck in Italy following the collapse of Genoa’s Morandi bridge, resulting in 43 deaths.

But with problems connected to the structure identified years prior to the collapse, could this disaster have been prevented? Chief magistrate of the region Francesco Cozzi is determined to uncover the truth.

With 74 people currently under investigation in connection to the collapse, this documentary takes a closer look at potential reasons behind the bridge’s failing and the allegations surrounding the privatised motorway operator responsible for its safety.

Featuring powerful first-hand survivor testimonies from a foreman who was rescued from a truck suspended 30 metres from the ground and a former footballer who emerged without a scratch following a 40-metre fall.

In the last six years, six other bridges have collapsed across Italy. How many other bridges like this are at risk and is the necessary action being taken in order to maintain them?

When Bridges Collapse – Monday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.