Preview: When Talent Shows Go Horribly Wrong

When Talent Shows Go Horribly Wrong

Without doubt this is our favourite type of talent show – a run down of the worst fails, meltdowns and fall-outs ever committed to TV.

This all-singing, all-dancing special narrated by first X-Factor host, Kate Thornton, relives those glorious moments when TV audiences sat dumbfounded and open-mouthed as hopefuls’ dreams came crashing unceremoniously to earth.

In truth, this is why talent shows are so popular. We watch in anticipation that someone is going to make a complete hash of it and become an insta-meme and YouTube sensation. The outcome of the performances are hardly what the ‘talent’ were expecting but they are irrefutably golden.

When Talent Shows Go Horribly Wrong – Saturday at 9.50pm on Channel 5.