Preview – When Talent Shows Go Horribly Wrong

When Talent shows go wrong

Get comfortable, strap in and prepare to be made very, well, uncomfortable. Perhaps the most useful words of advice when it comes to watching the drama, outrage and controversy compiled within the debut episode of the Channel 5’s 3rd season of the “When…Go Horribly Wrong” series. Hosted by original X- Factor presenter Kate Thornton, the 3 hour long episode includes clips, incidents and the opinions of those in the business.

This episode expect strong language, public embarassment and cringeworthy diva trantrums as the programme explores the most shocking and retrospectively hilarious moments when Talent shows and their contestants fall flat on their faces. Included in this episode; The rise – and subsequent fall – of an Australian comic who was exposed as ripping his routine off of one of Britain’s most popular comedians, an array of shameful fights and a whole host of other cringeworthy incidents from the Talent Show genre.


When Talent Shows Go Horribly Wrong – Wednesday 10:00pm on Channel 5