Preview: Who Are You Calling Fat?

Who Are You Calling Fat

In the second episode, the group turn their attention to the wider implications of obesity and consider what, if anything, should be done to help. Babs begins to confront her disordered eating habits and reveals that, for her, binge eating feels like a drug addiction.

Marathon runner Del decides to share the details of his bariatric surgery with the rest of the group. He’s now lost 10 stone and credits the surgery with saving his life. But not everyone in the group is impressed, and Victoria, who strongly opposes the procedure, calls it ‘stomach amputation’.

The group are visited by geneticist Dr Giles Yeo who uncovers how some of the group’s genes may have gone some way to contributing to their weight. The arrival of two Parliamentarians working on the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Obesity causes friction as the group struggle to agree on what the future should look like for people living in bigger bodies.

It’s stand-up comedian Jed’s 29th birthday and he celebrates by doing a spot at a local club. But will the rest of the group appreciate his self-deprecating humour that laughs at his own weight?

Who Are You Calling Fat? Tuesday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.