Preview – Who Killed Sharon Birchwood

Who Killed Sharon Birchwood

“It is like opening Pandora’s box, because you want to know everything about that victim – who would want to kill her. Why? Why did this happen?” – Detective Chief Inspector Maria Woodall, Senior Investigating Officer, Surrey Police.

ITV’s latest Crime and Punishment documentary series sees Susanna Reid investigate the murder of Sharon Birchwood – a modern day murder-mystery which left police officers and detectives  bemused. Taking those investigating the murder from the otherwise picturesque country roads of Surrey to the backstreets of Thailand, the killing – which took place on December 4th 2007 – is explored for the first time since the case was closed 8 years ago. Reid interviews those who were closest to the case including key members of the police investigation team and looks through never before seen case files in a bid to understand the crime, equally as baffling as it was heinous.


Who Killed Sharon Birchwood – Thursday 9:00pm on ITV.