Preview – Who Should Get to Stay in the UK?

Who Should Get to Stay in the UK
Picture Shows: Michael McGarvey and Dillian. Image Credit: BBC/Twofour/Colin Hutton.

This three-part series gives voice to some of the 700,000 people trying to apply for British citizenship.

With immigration still causing controversy across the country, this programme shows us the complexity of the issue, while also showing us some of the people hoping to stay in Britain, as well as the lawyers fighting their cases.

Among those appearing in this programme are Valeriya, a 27-year-old Russian student applying for an entrepreneur via; Dillian, a gay man who fears persecution if he returns to Trinidad and Tobago and who is currently living on benefits; and Ajmal, an owner of an Indian restaurant in Glasgow who wants to bring in some Indian chefs as staff.

Who Should Get to Stay in the UK? is on BBC Two at 21.00.